This League of Legends Mod For Smash Bros. Will Never Be Played

In their free time, some Riot developers made a Smash Bros. mod that League of Legends-ified the game. Sadly, Super League Bros. (as I like to call it) will most likely never see the light of day since Riot said it was "just for fun." At least we can gaze upon some fuzzy pictures and dream of what could have been.

A few blurry screenshots were recently posted on the League of Legends subreddit showing the Smash Bros. mod. And while even the blurriest of images might seem too good to be true for gamers with a shared love of Smash and League, the existence of the "just for fun" project was confirmed by Riot Redditor WizardCrab.


Here's Alistar. You think he's the stand-in for Bowser? I was hoping that'd be Sion...

Ok, this one's too fuzzy to even tell what's going on but at least I can tell that Fiora and Vi are both in the picture:


And then there's Katarina, AKA "The Sinister Blade." Given how absolutely fucking terrifying an overfed Katarina is in League games, I like to think that she'd be Diddy Kong for the new version of Smash. But, again, that's just wishful thinking.


WizardCrab also noted that the Rioters working on the mod tinkered with the "move sets" of the Smash characters they League-ified, which makes it sound even cooler:

I only played it once or twice, but, for a quick example, imagine Garen being similar to Ike but he has spin to win similar to metaknight tornado and Demacian Justice charges kinda like Ike's neutral b but when released drops a giant sword from the sky.

Advertisement could be a Project M-esque retooling of Smash, only to make the game more akin to League of Legends in spirit and aesthetic at the very least?

Sigh. Maybe it's finally time for me to get out the ol' pen and paper and start writing my very first "Please, Riot..." letter...


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