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Sadly, Rock Band Blitz Does Not Feature Call Me Maybe

Illustration for article titled Sadly, emRock Band Blitz/em Does Not Feature Call Me Maybe

No matter how many times I ask the fine people at Harmonix to put Carly Rae Jepsen's masterpiece "Call Me Maybe" into Rock Band, they just don't listen.


But hey, the actual setlist for Rock Band Blitz—which Harmonix will release on August 28 for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network—is looking pretty groovy. Here's the full thing:

  • The All-American Rejects – "Kids in the Street"
  • Avenged Sevenfold – "So Far Away"
  • Barenaked Ladies – "One Week"
  • Blink-182 – "Always"
  • Collective Soul – "Shine"
  • Elton John – "I'm Still Standing"
  • Fall Out Boy – "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me'"
  • Foo Fighters – "These Days"
  • Foster the People – "Pumped Up Kicks"
  • Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe – "We Are Young"
  • Great White – "Once Bitten Twice Shy"
  • Kelly Clarkson – "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
  • Kool & The Gang – "Jungle Boogie"
  • Iron Maiden – "The Wicker Man"
  • Living Colour – "The Cult of Personality"
  • Maroon 5 – "Moves Like Jagger"
  • My Chemical Romance – "Sing"
  • P!nk – "Raise Your Glass"
  • Queen – "Death on Two Legs"
  • Quiet Riot – "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)"
  • Shinedown – Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)"
  • Soundgarden – "Spoonman"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – "Give It Away"
  • Rick Springfield – "Jessie's Girl"
  • Tears for Fears – "Shout"

These tracks will also be playable in Rock Band 3. And the instrument-free Rock Band Blitz will also be compatible with "most" of your existing Rock Band library, Harmonix says.



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Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

Sadly? Good! Repetitive and over-played.

Not too impressed with this setlist either. It's like 90% bands and songs I hate. Like "Moves Like Jagger". Screw that song, and that crap band. And Avenged Sevenfold. Ugh. At least there's Maiden, Soundgarden, Queen, Living Colour and Kool & The Gang. Plus all of my other downloaded tracks. Still gonna but it, because it's the closest thing to a new Frequency/Amplitude we're gonna get.