But, just think if it really did have creepy children signs like this.

Earlier today the above image from Twitter user @ Asu_Hiyama began making its way through Japan's expat community. The sign appeared to feature the silhouette of a young girl, and @Asu_Hiyama stated it was spotted in the mountains in Saitama Prefecture.

Looks scary, no? Like it's out of the Japanese horror flick Ringu.

Anime fans might recognize that silhouette doesn't belong to Sadako but to the character Kokona from Encouragement of Climb. The tweet's hashtag (#ヤマノススメ or #yamanosusume) is the show's Japanese title. Encouragement of Climb is neither creepy nor scary. The top image, however, is.


This is actually a Photoshop of a "beware of bears" sign that was posted online this past April (see above). Here is a comparison:


Now, that we have that settled. Japanese road authorities, start making those scary signs! I'm sure the country's rural roads are not safe from demon children.

やはり飯能アルプス周辺に生息してるのかしら [@Asu_Hiyama]

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