Sadly, Jak's Plastic Counterpart Is As Quiet as the Real Thing

Collectible figures purveyor Gaming Heads announced a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment to produce a line of statues themed around their crossover fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Who's up first? That would be Jak and Daxter.

The silent protagonist of Naughty Dog's classic platformer series, Jak, along with his chatty, human-turned-ottsel friend, Daxter, will be immortalized in the form of a single 15-inch statue inspired by the cover art of the very first game, The Precursor Legacy. I'd say they did a pretty good job recreating the scene:


Gaming Heads is producing two versions of the statue. The regular version is priced at $190 and is limited to 750 pieces, while the exclusive version, which sports a sweet-looking bronze finish for an extra $10, is limited to 350 pieces worldwide. The statues will be done sometime towards the end of the year, and can be pre-ordered through Gaming Heads' website.

Jak and Daxter [Gaming Heads]

Jak and Daxter Exclusive Edition [Gaming Heads]

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