Sacre Bleu! The First LEGO Rock Band Trailer

Yes, LEGO Rock Band is for real. And yes, this alleged E3 trailer is completely in French, which might lead one to believe that somewhere in the European PR pipeline, a leak has sprung.

Totally pre-rendered stuff, our first look at LEGO Rock Band in motion via JeuxVideo is as disarming as we'd hoped. Minifigs cranking amplifiers all the way to 11 with their adorable plastic claws, pirates swaying with LEGO cutlasses and fake rockers fake rocking with plastic guitars onscreen is kind of adorable.

Accuse them of milking all you want, but LEGO Rock Band, coming to just about everything, looks like it has hit written all over it. I mean, giant robot battles, pirates and underwater concert performances? Solid.


Thanks, Gyaruson!

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I wonder how this game came to be. I mean, were they sitting in a room and like: "you know what would make rock band even better then it already is? if everything was made of lego... dude.... i got the munchies..." because you know this was decided with weed. not a bad thing though. we'll see how this play out in the end.