Twenty-nine year-old S.W.A.T. team member Hou Weilin wasn't able to get time off from work to take wedding photos, so he did the next best thing: He brought his wedding pics to work.

According to the Global Times (via The Nanfang Insider), the couple appeared in a series of romantic special weapons and tactics-themed pics. Hou, who works S.W.A.T. in Chongqing, China, posed with his blushing bride on law enforcement vehicles and at the firing range.


The photos were even uploaded on the Chongqing S.W.A.T.'s official social networking site.

While these romantic pics might appear unusual, previously, Kotaku featured Chinese S.W.A.T. team recruitment pics that were anything but typical.

Photos: 重庆公安特警总队

特警结婚大片帅爆了!谁说硬汉不懂浪漫? [Global Times via Nanfang Insider]

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