Remember, remember, the Lara Croft in poor weather, and the girl who loved Aion a lot. I see no reason why Star Wars or Creepers should ever be forgot.

There's been plenty of great cosplay going on over the past week or so, some of it in the US, some of it in Australia, all of it impressing us mightily with its obvious love for the subject matter and attention to detail.

In this week's roundup of the best cosplay we've laid eyes on, you'll see dressed up as everyone from a Minecraft Creeper to some Kingdom Hearts characters to a Zelda favourite and even a reinterpretation of just what an Assassin's Creed "brotherhood" could look like.


Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favorite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.


"He spoke of tortured souls" by Cosplayequinox.


"Sheik and Palms" by Lithium-Toxide.

"Creepers Gonna Creep" by Setzytb.


"Roxas cosplay at CCP" by XEMKII.

"Birth by Sleep - Wayfinder" by NanjoKoji.


"WE ARE THE A-TEAM?" by Spaniel122.

"Aion cosplay 7" by GreatQueenLina.


"Lara Croft shots" by Anastasya01.

"Inazuma Eleven: Invasion" by Ansuchi.


"Supanova Melbourne No 34" by chali2525.

"Ryu and Ken" by ironPaD.


"V for Vendetta 1" by KinslayeR13.

"Ahsoka Tano cosplay-Clone Wars" by drummerina.