Ryu and Ken Go To Town In This Unbelievable Stop-Motion Street Fighter Short

Another day, another ridiculously great YouTube video. This time, it's John Huang's shockingly well-directed fight sequence between Street Fighter stars Ryu and Ken.


Well, more accurately, the fight is between two Ryu and Ken dolls. (It's a hell of a lot more exciting than it sounds.) The whole thing is stop-motion animated, shot frame-by-frame using, Huang is careful to point out, naught but a Nikon D5100 camera.

One shutters at the thought of how much work must have gone into crafting this 3:00 slice of excellence.

Geddit? "Shutters?" Like…how a camera…oh, nevermind.

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His best works were done with Gundam models.

to be honest I don't feel that this street fighter one is as well done as his other ones(all the other ones done with gundam models)

BTW, this one i posted was done as a Dragon Balls scene, using sounds from the Japanese version of Dragon Balls.