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Russian game publisher 1C has its sights set on the global market. The company has announced two multiplatform titles: the in-house developed Captain Blood for Xbox 360 and PC and the outside developed multiplatform IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. Says 1C Company's International Sales Director Nikolay Baryshnikov:

1C is using cutting-edge technology, including the amazing power of modern consoles, to bring superior games to every market... Our aim is to bring our games to even more players and expand our vision with cross platform development. We are embracing any new gaming technology that will improve our products including digital downloads, consoles, handheld gaming, Epic's Unreal 3 Engine, NVIDIA PhysX and DirectX 10.


Both games will be out late 2009 and will be the first cross-platform titles "from 1C to be developed and published worldwide." Seems like multiplatform is the new, big thing.

1C Announces First 360-PS3 Titles [MCVUK]

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