Runes Of Magic: The Changing Face Of Taborea

September's Chapter II update for Runes of Magic isn't just adding elves to the game, but a rather large chunk of new real estate as well.

The Elven Legacy free expansion for Runes of Magic adds several new areas to the Taborean map, from the Northeast's Weeping Coast to the Savage Lands, a rainforest area that serves as the naga-infested home of the elves. Frogster is adding the obligatory lava area, in the form of the Aotulia Volcano region, its ash-filled skies a stark contrast to the peaceful tranquility of the Elven Island, which I assume was named after Bob Elven or something.


I've included the game's previous world map so you can see just how much is being added to the game come September. I kind of like what they're doing with the place.

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