Runes Of Magic Scores A Million Registered Player Points

Less than two months after the game officially launched, Frogster's massively derivative online role-playing game Runes of Magic now boasts more than a million registered users.

Free-to-play massively multiplayer online games generally attract huge numbers, and with Runes of Magic's strong resemblance to World of Warcraft it comes as no surprise that their player base across North America and Europe has sprung up so quickly.

"We at Frogster have been looking for a real hit title for two years and are happy to have found one this last year with Runes of Magic." Summed up Andreas Weidenhaupt, Chief Licensing Officer of Frogster Interactive Pictures AG and CEO of Frogster Online Gaming GmbH.


Frogster also announced today that they've teamed up with BitRaider to stream the game in North America, making it easier than ever for new players to hop onboard without having to worry about long download times, playing within minutes instead of hours. Look for the BitRaider version to be available in the next few weeks at

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