With the open beta attracting more than 450,000 players to the world of Taborea, Frogster Interactive has nailed down a March release date for their upcoming massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game Runes of Magic.

While the servers are all up, the item store functions properly, and all character progression from here on out carries over, Runes of Magic isn't officially released until Frogster Interactive says so, and they'll be saying so come March 19th.

"Since the open beta test launch is December, the population of Taborea has soared and we have been working closely with our community to fine tune the Runes of Magic experience", said Daniel Ullrich, Director of Product Management at Frogster, "We look forward to welcoming thousands of new players to Taborea during the next few weeks, as we get ready to fully launch Runes of Magic".

Hooray! So come March 19th, players can officially continue playing the free-to-play titles as they were, content in the knowledge that they are out of beta.