Runes Of Magic Pets And Mounts

With the Runes of Magic open beta set to go live on Monday the 15th, Frogster has revealed details about the pets and mounts players can purchase or rent in the game.

As in many other MMO titles, mounts are status symbols in the world of Runes of Magic, which means they will cost considerable amounts of cash, but there is a solution for low-level characters. Certain vendors will rent out mounts to the impoverished lowbie masses so they aren't always left hoofing it. I am hoping they eventually add a layaway program for especially disadvantaged players.


Frogster plans on introducing mounted combat in a future patch as part of their plan to have every possible MMO feature in one game.

Cosmetic pets, like the tiny grim reaper seen above, can be found either by sifting through the corpses of the monsters you kill or purchasing them in the item shop, so rabid pet collectors might just want to avoid the game altogether lest they find themselves completely penniless and surrounded by cute little animals.

Future hopes to introduce pets that can actually aid you in battle in the future, as well as special arenas where you can battle your pokemon pets against those of other players.


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