Runes Of Magic Open Beta Quickly Approaches

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Frogster's hodge-podge MMORPG Runes of Magic has progressed to the point where they're just about ready to let everybody in for a taste, announcing the launch of the open beta on December 15th.


The game that isn't afraid to take the finer points of more established games and make them its own will be throwing open its doors in mid-December, giving PC gamers something to fiddle around with during the long, dark holidays. Players need only register at to enter. Characters played in beta will be carrying over to the love live game when it's finally released, so it's also an excellent opportunity to get a leg up.

Players already in closed beta will be treated to a special farewell event starting the 7th and ending the 10th, during which time evil demons will stream into the game world via some sort of dark portal or something. Come on, it's obviously not World of Warcraft - those exclamation points are purple!

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A Pimp Named DaveR

Is it just me that's assuming the character with his back to us in the screenshot above is displaying his... you know what... to the other two?