BioWare's purported plans for sci-fi action RPG Mass Effect 2 make the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC game look like a good investment, as rumored downloadable content appears to be expansive enough to dissuade mass trade-ins.

According to a report from Destructoid, which cites a retailer-focused Microsoft Expert Zone quiz, Mass Effect 2 will feature a slew of downloadable goodies. That includes the obvious stuff, like weapons, armor and even characters. But it may also include "full campaign expansions," making the Mass Effect 2 experience more massive than previously announced.


But not necessarily surprising, given the developer's plans for its other title, Dragon Age: Origins, said to have two years worth of downloadable content and expansions in the cooker.

Dtoid's tipster has more details, facets of ME2 that we're attempting to verify with BioWare as soon as we can come to terms with the bald, heavily tattooed space maiden that Mr. Shepherd appears to be getting intimate with. Hot or not, that is the question.

Retailer training quiz drops details on Mass Effect 2 DLC [Destructoid]

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