Bringing us to a total of five publishers who have left the industry trade group over the past few weeks. First it was Activision and Vivendi, then Lucasarts, then id, and now , according to GamePolitics, it's...Crave Entertainment. Granted, as the publisher of such titles as Brunswick Pro Bowling and Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 it's hardly as severe a blow to the group as the departure of, say, Activision, but it does at least add to the list of companies with better things to do than be part of the ESA. No official explanation has been provided by Crave as to why they've left, but if one were to turn up tomorrow citing the increasing cost of membership fees, we'd at least try and act surprised.

BREAKING: Another ESA Departure as Crave Leaves Game Publishers Trade Group [GamePolitics]