Microsoft has a reputation for grossly over-charging for Xbox 360 storage solutions. Now that the console supports USB memory sticks, did you really think anything would change?


A pair of listings on retail site GameStop indicate that Microsoft's first-party flash drive offerings are running a little on the costly side. An 8GB stick is listed at $40, while a 16GB stick is priced at $70. That's almost twice the price of standard USB flash drives of similar size.

Seeing as an official announcement from Microsoft on this is yet to emerge, we've listed these prices as rumour. Until they're actually on a shelf, it's always possible those prices could change, or are even just GameStop placeholders.

But if they don't? Well, it's lucky that, unlike the 360's previous storage solutions, you can now actually use any cheaper third-party devices to your heart's content.

XB360 USB Flash Drive 16GB [GameStop]
XB360 USB Flash Drive 8GB [GameStop]

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