Level 5's gorgeous-looking PS3 RPG White Knight Story has been tickling our fancy since we saw early footage back in 2006. The game started out as an RPG with an innovative real-time combat system - although that was a couple of years ago. It might be a sudoku-based platform game by now. Luke spotted an update from Level 5 a couple of days ago that suggested that the game had not been abandoned, and now Famitsu has been able to confirm that it will finally, finally, hit the streets of Japan on December 11th. Wikipedia is listing a US and European release for sometime in 2009, although that seems to have been plucked from thin air. Import it is, then. UPDATE: we still haven't seen any actual scans of this and were are going to pick up a real-world copy of Famitsu to check. Until then, take this with a pinch โ€” nay, a handful โ€” of salt. Famitsu: White Knight Chronicles Hitting Japan December 11th [ScrawlFX via Joystiq]