Rumor: Valve Releasing New Version Of Warcraft III Mod

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Having hummed along quietly for around a year now since being picked up by Valve, IceFrog - developers of the popular "Defence of the Ancients Allstars" scenario for Warcraft III - seem to be making progress on their latest work.


Actor Jon St. John, who you'd know as the voice behind Duke Nukem, took to his Twitter account earlier in the week and wrote "Had a great time in Seattle last week recording for DotA. The guys at ValveSoftware are awesome!"

He's since removed the Tweet from his account, but the internet, it never forgets.

While it was of course natural to assume that IceFrog would be working on a new, standalone Defence of the Ancients Allstars for Valve (as in, one that wouldn't require a copy of Warcraft III to play), this is the first we've actually heard anyone make public mention of the game's development.

Defence of the Ancients Allstars (or DotA) is a variant of the original Defence of the Ancients mod, which took a Starcraft mod, dropped it into Warcraft III and added a bunch of RPG and tower defence elements to the standard real-time strategy fare.

Valve's Working On Steam-Friendly DoTA [MTV]



I'm very glad Valve is doing this. I love Valve, but let's be honest - not a whole lot of variety in their library. I'm very looking forward to seeing them try their hands at something not relating to First Person Shooting.