According to importer YesAsia, the PlayStation 3 version of Soulcalibur IV will join the ranks of games requiring a substantial installation to the console's hard drive. How substantial? Substantial. About 6.5 GB worth of your HDD, with 2 GB of space on top of that allocated to save data. The latter disk space requirement makes some sense, as the game looks to have a fairly robust character creation tool, which we hope allows for a larger number of custom fighters than its predecessor. Regardless, 2 GB, if true, is still rather hefty.

Xbox 360 fans may also be in hard drive requirement heaven, as the official Xbox site indicates that Soulcalibur IV requires a hard drive to play. This could have huge implications if... wait, who doesn't have an Xbox 360 with a hard drive by now?

We've contacted Namco Bandai Games to verify this information, but have yet to hear back.

Update: We received an update from NBG on the PlayStation 3 version. It should be noted that has removed the "Hard drive required" specification following the publication of this post.


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