Namco Bandai Says Soulcalibur IV Install Size "Significantly Overblown"

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Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur IV may be known for massive volumes in some aspects of its design, but a rumored 6.5GB hard drive installation for the PlayStation 3 version is not the sort of bloat that sits well with gamers. Add to that an alleged 2GB save file and PS3 owners with a measly 20GB would have had to do some serious housecleaning in between grumbling sessions. The rumors of its disk space requirements have been greatly exaggerated, says the publisher.


"Those numbers are not accurate and are significantly overblown," a Namco Bandai rep told Kotaku. "The actual amount of space for the Soulcalibur IV install and save data file are inline with other games requiring this feature."

Reps did not respond to requests for more accurate (read: exact) installation sizes, nor did they comment on the hard drive requirements for the Xbox 360 version. We have an open request with Namco Bandai and Sony Computer Entertainment America to find out more.



Remember that you can always swap out the HD for a much larger one, but is something I will not inconvenience myself over, but rather delete Game Data installs of old games I am no longer playing.