Should you have somehow missed out on the umpteen previous collections of Sonic the Hedgehog material, Sega looks to be readying another "greatest hits" comp, this time focusing on the mascot's Sega Genesis years. Siliconera dug up retail listing for Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, each with ship dates of February 2009. Those of us with backward compatible PlayStation 3's or in possession of the XBLA re-releases will probably find the value of said collection pretty low, unless it offers something beyond what was provided in last gen's Sonic Mega Collection. Here's to hoping Sega gets on the ball and delivers some non-Genesis era goodies, like much of its arcade heritage which is sadly not legally available for purchase in the West. Sega Planning An Ultimate Genesis Collection For PS3 / Xbox 360? [Siliconera]