Rumor: Snow-Bound Dead Space 3 Will Feature Co-Op, Humongous Enemies

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According to IGN, Dead Space 3 will feature optional co-op play. It'll be drop-in, drop-out. Their source also describes the game's setting as a "desolate snow planet," which confirms the rumor we reported last year.


It sounds as though the second co-op character might be a figment of protagonist Isaac Clarke's imagination, as IGN describes the game seamlessly adding the co-op character, or hiding him. There will also be the expected co-op mechanics such as using the telekenisis together and sharing ammo Resident Evil 5-style.


The enemies in the game will be freshened up somewhat, and Isaac will face non-Necromoprh enemies on the ice planet, including... Human! Beings! My, that sounds… like an action game. Hrm.

Lastly, IGN reports that "Skyscraper-sized enemies may also come into play." Well, I certainly hope they come into play. It wouldn't be much fun to have giant enemies that you don't get to dismember, after all.

As we learned from The Thing, Snow can sure be scary… but co-op? Man, I've never played a scary co-op game. We'll find out more soon, I'm sure.

Dead Space 3 Allegedly Features Co-Op [IGN]

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"I've never played a scary co-op game."