Rumor: Dead Space 3 Trades Total Darkness for Blinding Light on a Frozen Planet

Illustration for article titled Rumor: emDead Space 3/em Trades Total Darkness for Blinding Light on a Frozen Planet

If EA is making another Dead Space—and it's starting to appear that it is—it may be a radical rethink of the sci-fi horror series. Gone may be the dark corridors of space ships and far-flung planetary settlements, replaced by an icy wasteland inhabited by an all-new strain of monster.


Siliconera reports that it has first details on the fiction of Dead Space 3, claiming that the next entry takes place on the planet Tau Volantis. The planet's "white-out blizzard conditions" may trade the blackness of previous Dead Space games for pure white, a new method for keeping the beasts of Visceral Games' horror franchise well hidden from view.


Those beasts, according to Siliconera's mole, are known as "the hive mind" in Dead Space 3.

EA and Visceral are rumored to be already hard at work on Dead Space 3, but none of this is official yet.

More rumored details on the story, potentially spoiler-ish, at Siliconera.

Dead Space 3 Takes Place On A Frozen Planet, First Details Inside [Siliconera]

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