EA hasn't made it official yet, but odds are pretty damn good that there's going to be a Dead Space 3. And the above video may represent our first scant look what the next Dead Space will be.

The source of that possible proof of Dead Space 3's existence—in logo and concept art form—comes from Israel's channel 10, via IGN. Amid footage and character art from Dead Space 2 is what appears to be a peek at new 3D character models, one familiar looking logo and some sketches of future Necromorphs.


So don't get too excited, unless you were thinking that another Dead Space game might not happen. You should, though, since Dead Space 2 has "sold in over two million units" as of July, according to EA.

EA's response to the apparent leak was typical "no comment" stuff, saying it didn't "have any news" about another Dead Space game.


Dead Space 3 Confirmed? [IGN]

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