Rumor: Sly Cooper, Patapon 3 & Twisted Metal X Coming To PS3

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Don't be surprised if a new Sly Cooper collection, a new Patapon and a not-so-new Twisted Metal game are announced for the PlayStation 3 in the coming weeks. A retail source points to all three titles coming soon.


Now, none of that may actually come as a surprise, as it appears that Sony is counting down to something Patapon related the week of E3.

And 1UP just posted (and pulled) images from the E3 2010 showfloor that indicated a Sly Cooper collection (in 3D!!!) will be available for the PlayStation 3.

That's all backed up by a retail source who tells us that The Sly Collection, Patapon 3 and Twisted Metal X will be coming to the PlayStation 3. On top of that a PSP version of PlayStation Move game EyePet is on the way, as is a PS3 version of PSP game Invizimals.

Sony's E3 2010 press conference kicks off at 11:30 am, Tuesday morning. Stay tuned.

Update: That new Patapon game is actually a PSP title. Twisted Metal X's final name is simply Twisted Metal and in development at Eat Sleep Play.




Sly Cooper didn't need a collection. It didn't need remakes. It needed a new entry in the series, just like Jak & Daxter does.

I know Infamous and Uncharted are all big and realistic bombastic movie/comic stuff for them but Sony really needs to bring some new entries into their other, more cartoonish series that they've let languish. You could argue that a Sly collection is sort of bringing it back but I'd disagree. It's just "remaking" games when it really doesn't suffice.