Rumor: 'Premium' Version Of PlayStation Network Unveiled At E3

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Sony may finally be ready to make a little more cash from its PlayStation Network, with rumors that the PlayStation 3 maker will introduce a "premium" option at this year's E3 popping up weeks before the big video game expo.

According to a report from VG247, one part of Sony's E3 showing will focus on a paid version of its PlayStation Network. Premium class subscribers are said to get access to a free PSN game per month and a streaming music services, presumably among other services, for "less than £50 per year," or under $70 USD.

Those details sound in line with a survey that Sony sent out last year gauging interest in a paid version of its PlayStation Network. The pricing for the majority of those options was also inline with this latest rumor.


Would you pay? If so, what do you want for you money?

Premium PSN plans for E3 reveal, to cost "less than £50 per year" [VG247]

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Sounds good.

My problem? My problem is that this seems to be another feature or talking point that had been previously mocked and harped upon by Sony brass that they're now going to suddenly embrace.

Motion controls were stupid until Sony did them.

Rumble was unnecessary until Sony added it back in.

Paying for an online gaming service is ridiculous until Sony decides to do it.

And hey - I get it! You want to downplay something that your competition is doing that you aren't. It makes sense from a business perspective.

Just... don't be so dismissive when exercising your hubris, okay?

Nintendo's already got that covered with their stance regarding online play.