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Rumor: Pepsi Giving Away 1 Million Rock Band Tracks This Summer

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Pepsi Giving Away 1 Million Rock Band Tracks This Summer

MTV Games and Pepsi appear to be teaming up for a Rock Band-themed, Pepsi-soaked promotion this Summer, giving away up to 1 million free Rock Band tracks to lucky sugared soft drink swillers.


According to an anonymous tipster, Pepsi will be handing out 10,000 free Rock Band tracks per day to consumers via an "under the cap" contest for fifteen weeks, starting in early June. All one need do is pick up a bottle, twist the cap off, then look underneath to see if they were an instant winner or a total loser. Beneath that cap will be one of four Rock Band instrument icons or a message about how bad your luck is.

Pepsi and MTV Games will also be giving away one of those coveted "MTV Moonmen"—the spacey, silvery prize given to MTV Video Music Award winners—to whomever creates the best Rock Band, video then uploads it to the Pepsi Rock Band contest site.


That contest prize looks like it'll get you on the tee vee, meaning instant fame.

Pepsi's Rock Band contest runs from June to September, according to details we were provided. We've attempted to confirm with MTV Games and Pepsi, but have not yet heard back on requests for clarification. The two companies have worked together previously, with Pepsi co-sponsoring the Rock Band Live Tour during the Fall of 2008.

We'd suggest keeping an eye peeled for to start working for additional details.

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10,000 per day X 7 days/week X 7 weeks = 490,000

What about the other 510,000?

Or is it supposed to e 20,000 per day (980,000 total)?