Rumor: No More Heroes Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 [Update]

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Grasshopper Manufacture may finally be making the leap to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a new No More Heroes game, rumored to have been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine [Update - yup, it's in there]


And that's about all we know at this stage, other than a supposed title, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.

But we can't say that No More Heroes making the high-definition transition from the Wii to the PS3/360 is much of a surprise. Grasshopper lead Goichi Suda has previously expressed his interest in bringing Travis Touchdown and crew to other consoles.


And, considering Suda's interest in Project Natal—and presumably Sony's PS3 motion controller—the No More Heroes franchise seems like a no-brainer kind of port.

Or maybe Suda and crew were motivated by No More Heroes' Japanese publisher Marvelous Entertainment, which has expressed its disappointment with domestic sales on Nintendo's console, hinting at the possibility of up-res ports of its moderately selling Wii games.


We'll know for sure later this week, when Famitsu would likely reveal more.

UPDATE - The game is indeed in the latest issue of Famitsu, which reveals that it's due out in Japan on February 25. Some new stuff being added for the platform jump include Japanese voice-acting and a game mode where the ladies aren't wearing too many clothes.


You can check out some images from the game below.

Illustration for article titled Rumor: No More Heroes Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 [Update]
Illustration for article titled Rumor: No More Heroes Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 [Update]

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Rachel Fogg

I really don't know how to take this. A part of me is delighted of a Suda touch to the 360/PS3 and another part is a little dismayed.

I really rather have a completely new series instead of a port/redo/whatever from the Wii.

To me, NMH is a Wii game, it fits on the Wii and it's a great game for the Wii. It suits the Wii, it's perfect for the Wii, it utilizes the Wiimote well...

Instead of Suda wasting his time pandering to a loud bunch of fanboys claiming that anything ported from the Wii to the 360/PS3 will AUTOMATICALLY become the bestest thing EVARS! (Not calling anyone out, I've seen them on the forums...-_-;).

I believe Suda's energy should just be spent on just making something for the 360/PS3 and NMH should remain on the Wii.

That's just me. #nomoreheroes