Rumor: Next Grand Theft Auto Could Hit By The Holidays

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We'd think that the next proper Grand Theft Auto game, Xbox 360-exclusive expansions notwithstanding, is a long way off. Not Game Informer, though. The magazine is reportedly expecting the next entry by end of year.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Didn't Grand Theft Auto IV just ship? Well, if Game Informer's "Loose Talk" is correct, pegging the next full-fledged GTA for, say, November 2009, it would put it about 18 months after the ship date of GTA IV.

Since Vice City shipped almost exactly a year after Grand Theft Auto III, however, makes the prospect seem less ludicrous.


Rockstar Games still has two downloadable episodes to ship this year, including The Lost and The Damned, which hits in February and another that remains undated.

Could they do it? We're not updating our Amazon wish lists just yet, but we're also not ruling it out. Take-Two and Rockstar do like money, after all. But we're checking in with them soon to find out how feasible a fourth quarter release could be.

Rumor: Rockstar ready to release next GTA by end of 09 [PSU]

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Bearded Bastard

gta 1-vice city were near perfect, san andreas kinda did too much, i couldnt get into the story i just didnt like the characters i guess.

gta4, had the graphics and the size, and the story to make it a great game, but then they f'd it up with th eextra sht you had to do, or almot had to do if you could tolerate annoying phone calls.

id have liked gta4 better if i didnt have to worry about the whole friends buisiness, otherwise it was a pretty fun game. making cars more fun and less of a chore would be nice too. but having them difficult made the multiplayer more intense