Rumor: Job Listing Outs "Star Trek Online" MMO?

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There's about 15 hours left on a clock at Cryptic Studios' homepage, but an advertisement in the Game Career e-newsletter may have outed what the countdown is for. "Cryptic Studios, a leading independent developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online games, including the upcoming Champions Online and Star Trek Online," reads the ad (large size after the jump). Back in January, development of this game went from Perpetual Entertainment to an unnamed studio, which around March sounded like it could be Cryptic. I guess we now know that it is. You might want to check back to Cryptic's site (or ours) after midnight PDT for the final word. Either this is a case of Cryptic HR as the left hand not knowing what Cryptic marketing on the right is doing, or they faced an early deadline with this ad, and figured no one would notice before the clock hit zero. Cryptic Studios is Hiring ... for Star Trek Online! [Massively, via Joystiq, thanks Travis]


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Platypus Man

I actually looked into this some a while back and I think it looks like it could be really interesting. However, if done incorrectly, it could also be quite terrible.