Rumor: Guitar Hero Queen Coming Next Year

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In an interview with Swedish news site DN, Queen guitarist Brian May seems to have let slip news of a Guitar Hero game featuring the iconic British band.

Readers Kalle and Daniel were kind enough to provide translations, saying May reckons the game will be out next year, will feature the music of Queen and will let players really experience a Queen concert.

He was in town as part of the tour for Queen musical "We Will Rock You", and having said that little bit quickly realised he'd better shut his mouth.


Queen SingStar was pretty great, but a dedicated Queen instrument game sounds a lot better.

Brian May tar Queenmusikal till Cirkus [DN]

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Another band that's not influential enough for a game like this.

I love Queen and they have several great songs but they're just a band. They didn't innovate or change anything. They just played good music.

(The Beatles, Metallica and Green Day are the only band games out so far featuring bands that pioneered their genre or, in the Beatles' case, modern music itself.)

Release some DLC and be done with it. (Like Rock Band did.)