Microsoft looks like it may be prepping yet another Xbox 360 Elite bundle for later this year, according to retail sources, bundling its higher-end console with Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV.

Listings for the Xbox 360 Elite GTA IV Limited Edition bundle were sent to Kotaku earlier this week—alongside information on the recently revealed Nintendo DS "Mother's Day Bundle"—showing a $399.99 price tag, but offering little in the way of concrete details. No release date, no expanded information on what, beyond GTA IV, will be included in the package. (The picture we're using for this post is merely a mock-up, mind you.)

Looking at Microsoft's most recent Elite bundles, though, might help.

The most recently announced "Game of the Year" bundle packs in Halo 3 and Fable II, keeping the price at the standard $399.


We'd imagine that, if real, the Grand Theft Auto IV bundle would likely pack in the original game and, most likely, the first downloadable episode, The Lost & Damned. We'd also speculate that the box would ship prior to the release of the second downloadable episode, offering extra incentive to complete the three-part GTA IV storyline.

Rockstar Games representatives opted not to comment when asked about the bundle. We have a request in with Microsoft PR, who have told us to "stay tuned," but have offered no further confirmation or denial on the alleged bundle.