Rumor: Goldeneye Coming Back, Exclusively For The Wii

This clip apparently showed up on IGN's YouTube page earlier today before being swiftly pulled. It looks like it's for a new Goldeneye game for the Wii. But hey, you can never be sure.

It certainly feels real, right down to the "Daniel Craig as James Bond" part at the end, but hardcore fans are probably so sick of hearing rumours about this they're forgiven for being sceptical.


It would obviously be part of Activision's E3 press conference tomorrow morning, so we won't have long to wait to find out whether it's real or not.

[thanks meppi @ NeoGAF]



Am I the only one who is a bit distressed at the idea of rehashing a 13-year old game in an obvious attempt to mine our nostalgia?

I know that they aren't the first - nor will they be the last - but it's rather off-putting to see a publisher not even try anything new on the Wii. Instead, they're taking a classic, adding a coat of paint and calling it a day

Maybe I'm just apathetic to the attitudes third-parties have taken toward the Wii in general.

*grumbles to self*

*goes off to watch Bulletstorm videos to soothe one's mind*