Rumor: EA's Cuts Include C&C Team, Pandemic, Maxis & More

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Electronic Arts announced yesterday it would be eliminating 1,500 jobs, cutting a dozen in-development games and closing "several facilities." According to multiple sources, those cutbacks include studios like Pandemic, Maxis and nearly the entire Command & Conquer team.


Sources tell Kotaku that the team working on Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight was warned of its fate today, with almost the entire team expected to be let go after the real-time strategy game ships some time in 2010.

Also said to be affected heavily are Spore and former-Sims studio EA Maxis, social network gaming acquisition Rupture Studios, and Mercenaries and The Saboteur creators Pandemic Studios LA. Those development studios are said to be hit with substantial layoffs, according to a source, with remaining employees relocated to EA headquarters in Los Angeles and Redwood Shores.

EA is rumored to have already laid off staff at Tiburon, Mythic Entertainment and Black Box, reports which the company has yet to confirm.

We've reached out to Electronic Arts to verify these latest details, but have not yet heard back.



2 things came to my mind here.

1) How sensible do the decisions MS made awhile back to cut Bungie, Bizarre and Ensemble seem now? When a big old boy like EA cant hold itself together its a sign of the times.

2) How much sense does it make for MS to ironically purchase EA at this point? It would give them access to some primo IP at a cheap price while striking a serious blow to Sony, denying them alot of previously 3rd party titles. And wouldnt EA welcome being brought by a nice big conglomerate so as to try to survive and achieve something of its old status? #electronicarts