Rumor: Aspyr Hit With Layoffs?

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Austin-based developer Aspyr, best known for their work porting PC titles like Call of Duty 4 and Sims 2 to the Mac, were hit with layoffs this week, according to sources in the industry.


More than a dozen temporary full time employees were let go from the developer yesterday as well as some regular full time employees, with more layoffs expected. The company has also shut down their internal servers, sources say.

Founded in 1996, the developer has also published ports of Guitar Hero III to the PC and Mac and published 1701 A.D.


Reached for contact this morning, Aspyr declined to comment on the rumor.

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Komrade Kayce

Is Aspyr really need though, now? I know people like to play games natively on Mac, but when Boot-Camping to WinXP runs 3000 percent more games than Aspyr has ported, well, yknow...