Rumor: Announced EA Layoffs Coming to Blackbox

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Today we hear word that more of the 1,000 cuts announced back in December at Electronic Arts are about to hit.


The latest rumor is that Blackbox, the folks behind the Need for Speed franchise and others, are next on the chopping block, with the layoff axe cutting into the studio as early as this week.

From all that we've gathered and seen over the past month or so, it looks like the cuts announced back in December are a trimming of most departments and studios, rather than deep cuts in any one place.

The publisher still plans to close nine studios, but the rest of those cuts will be across the board, we're told. The rumored Blackbox cuts, for instance, are part of the studio consolidation happening in Burnaby, at EA Canada.

We've emailed a few folks at EA for comment, but with the person who usually comments on these stories herself laid off, there's no telling when or if we will hear back.



Foolish in my opinion.

1. They lay off staff to protect earnings.

2. Production time on future titles does not take into account less staff.

3. Projects run over deadlines and budget due to reduced staff.

4. More staff required to dig out of the tactical blunder of laying off people they actually needed.

Now I'm just guessing and could be way off... but I doubt it. I suppose what we can expect now is a rise in independent developers and casual games that are able to produce titles for less money in less time.