More EA Cuts Go Live Today

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As the year progresses so do Electronic Arts' planned and massive cuts.


Today we hear that Mariam Sughayer, senior manager of corporate communications for Electronic Arts, and the person often quoted in official responses to rumors about cuts was herself laid-off today. Her position eliminated.

Sughayer, who did an admirable job of getting official responses into the hands of reporters in tough times, was among an unknown number of personnel cuts announced at the publishing giant's headquarters today.

It's disturbing to see just how deep these cuts are going at EA. Let's hope Sughayer, the Free Radical, Midway and others effected by this tanking economy find work soon.



So let me get this straight.

EA buying game companies left and right to remove competition. Then by the time EA is losing money, they cut jobs?

Talk about killing the industry. It's like shitting out all the lunch they stole in cafetaria.