Rumblings Of PS2 Chain Of Memories At GameStop Expo

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A tipster who chooses to remain anonymous dropped us a line to let us in on a juicy little tidbit from the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas. According to the source, yesterday during Square Enix's presentation, mention was made of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the PS2.

Once Square-Enix was up, there was a small mention of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. When asked if it was the one that was included with Final Mix II in Japan, they confirmed it with a nod. There hasn't been any official announcement through Square, just a small mention...


Of course until we get an official announcement this is still firmly in the realm of rumor, but combined with the rumors that ran rampant back in July about Square Enix auditioning an English voice cast, there could very well be some truth behind it. With a hungry fanbase desperate for anything Kingdom Hearts related, it would be silly for this not to happen.

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This is a serious comment and not a trolling attempt, but who besides us, the "hardcore gamers", would buy Final Mix +. I can see Square Enix having reservations of putting in the money to bring that version here.