How To Get Infinite Money In The Sims 4

Nothing makes me lose your interest in a Sims game as quickly as suddenly having access to mountains of cash, so I shall not be taking advantage of the game's built-in infinite cash cheat code. The rest of you may read/watch on.


IGN put together this handy video to explain how to enhance your Sims life with free real estate and all the simoleons you need to deck it out in virtual bling. It all starts with opening the command drop down box by hitting CTRL-SHIFT-C — not the squiggly little tilde key as in games past.

From there you've got several commands you can enter:

  • "FreeRealEstate On" — all houses are free
  • "Kaching" or "Rosebud" — gives you $1,000
  • "Motherlode" — gives you $50,000

The money codes can be entered as many times as you'd like. Your Sim will never have to work again. Of course the working is part of the fun, so keep that in mind before you go entering these or any of IGN's other cheat codes for The Sims 4.



I think this cheat is meant more for people who want to set up their town with a couple of larger/wealthier families but would rather not go through the trouble of playing all of them.

As an example, back when I used to have friends I'd create Sim versions of them and populate the town with them. The money cheat was essential for setting up a few of them cuz otherwise I'd have to laboriously play each and every one of them.

Once I'd finish setting them up I'd let the simulation do its thing and go back to playing my own Sim. I never used any cheats when playing my Sim.