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Ruffian Games Concept Art Doesn't Exactly Scream Crackdown 2

Illustration for article titled Ruffian Games Concept Art Doesnt Exactly Scream Crackdown 2

When Ruffian Games popped onto the scene, forming a new development studio comprised of ex-Crackdown staffers, the assumption was that it was hard at work on Crackdown 2. But this doesn't look quite like Crackdown.


This "goliath" piece just popped up on the Dundee-based developer's web site, with nary a detail or hint about what it might be. While we'd heard from sources close to the studio that it was whittling away at a Crackdown follow-up, if this artwork is any indication, it will be a bit visually different from what we'd expected.


Or at least feature more red Hulks than anticipated.

Of course, given the studio's other development pedigrees, which includes work on Fable II and the Mortal Kombat series, we can see this fitting in there. All Ruffian has said about its current project is that it "recently secured a development contract with a major publisher" with an announcement pending.

The artwork may simply be nothing more than an opportunity to put rumormongers into a tizzy, a beastly red herring. We may never know. (Except that we probably will, eventually.)

Ruffian Games [Official Site - thanks, anonymus!]

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Heh, it reminds me of Maxx and the dude from Splatterhouse... if they combined and painted itself red.