Say Hello To Ruffian Games

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Sure, their cover was blown the other week when those Crackdown 2 rumours popped up, but that was an unofficial unveiling. Tonight, Ruffian Games have officially unveiled themselves. Hello, Ruffian Games!


Fronted by Gaz Liddon and made up of devs who have worked on games like Crackdown, Fable II and Project Gotham Racing, Ruffian are based in the Scottish city of Dundee, and are at this very moment hard at work on "a AAA game" for "one of the world's biggest and most successful publishers".

Just what that game is, only time (and your uncontrollable imaginations) will tell.

19th January 2009, Dundee, Angus, UK - Ruffian Games announced today the formation of a new development studio with a mission to bring the best in action gaming to current generation consoles.

Creative Director Billy Thomson said, "Our highest priority is gameplay. Everything we do is focused on enhancing the player's experience. We strive for tight intuitive controls, well-balanced goals, game changing rewards, and player progression that will make you feel like a god! Above all, we want to provide an online experience rivaling any other through co-operative and competitive multiplayer gaming. Online play is the future of gaming and we're incredibly excited about where that is going to take us”.

Ruffian Games feel they are well placed to make good on these promises. Their staff has made significant contributions to many major titles including Fable 2, Crackdown, Moto GP and Grand Theft Auto. According to Studio Head Gaz Liddon "Creative and talented people are the lifeblood of any studio and I am so excited to be working with the best the
industry has to offer. It simply isn't possible for any studio to have a better start than this."

Having recently secured a development contract with a major publisher Ruffian are currently working hard on their current project in the lead up to its announcement. Ruffian Games are currently situated at the Dundee Technology Park and the studio will soon be moving to a new facility in central Dundee.



hello ruffian! give me another (good) crackdown and you will be one of my new favorite studios.