Ruby Blast Adds a Heaping Helping of Adventure

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Ruby Blast, Zynga's color-matching game that started life as a shameless clone of Bejeweled's Diamond Mine mode, has transformed itself into a shameless Diamond Mine clone with a difference, adding an extensive adventure mode on top of its regularly scheduled weekly tournaments.


Ruby Blast's quietly implemented adventure mode (which I heard about via adds a series of themed levels with three set depth objectives. Each depth marker is worth stars, which are used to unlock subsequent levels. Along the way players can uncover random treasure chests, collect artifacts and keep track of their friends' progress with markers a ‘la Bubble Witch Saga.


A little added depth (pardon the pun) goes a long way. I'm close to halfway through the first Egypt-themed set of levels right now, and I'll likely be spending a lot more time playing Ruby Blast in the weeks to come. Nice move, Zynga.

Ruby Blast [Facebook]

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Jonathan Ponikvar

I'm almost waiting for another company to come along and be a shameless clone of Zynga in general, release shameless clones of all of their games, and even copy their business practices. Then another clone company will copy THAT clone company, and another after that! The Apple/Android marketplaces will be flooded with clones of clones of clones until eventually every app on the storefront is a grayed-out neutralized "tap to win" wireframe of what was once a potentially innovative game design. All while legitimate developers struggle to even break the top 100 apps of the day.

Yet you'll still have analysts claiming the mobile market is about to kill off dedicated handheld systems, of course. PROGRESS.