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RPG Spell Or Energy Drink Flavor?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Can you accurately pick out video game spells from the energy drink flavors?

There are a ton of weird, wild, and bad energy drinks out in the world these days. I’ve reviewed some of them on this very website. Many of these drinks also have strange names and some even sound a lot like spells or attacks from RPGs. So I have a test for you folks.

You could Google the answers, but that’s no fun. I’ll have the answer key at the end of the post so you can see how well you did. Grab a piece of paper or open up a Google Doc to make it easier to check your answers.

1. Ultra Violet

2. Pipeline Punch

3. Blue Bolt

4. Star Blast

5. Kazapple

6. Broom Broom

7. Cool Aura

8. Green Storm

9. Summer Dream

10. HELL Strong Focus

11. Pure Silver Zero

12. Dark Mist

13. Gold Rush

14. Acid Storm

15. Big Shot

16. Tradin’ Paint

17. Tribute CYP-X

18. Diamond Dust

19. Zing

20. Recovery Grape

I know there might be some spells or drinks that overlap with other spells or drinks that I didn’t know about. I understand this and if that happens, just assume you are more informed about energy drinks or spells than me. Congrats!


Answers: E for energy drink | R for RPG spell/attack

1-E, 2-E, 3-R, 4-E, 5-R, 6-R, 7-R, 8-E, 9-R, 10-E

11-E, 12-R, 13-E, 14-R, 15-R, 16-E, 17-E, 18-R, 19-R, 20-E