RPG Dice Shaming

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Here's hoping dice shaming catches on.

Via Cory Doctorow.


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Somewhere in the Middlesex County (MA) dump, there are a couple dozen d20s, there since 1993 after a vicious 2nd edition AD&D campaign in which all of us—-Keith, Ren, Stoney, Nathan, Maria, and myself—-could NOT catch a break, failing every important saving throw, cussing out THAC0, and just generally wondering why the gods were not allowing our adventuring party to enjoy Greg The Dungeon Master's adventure (I don't know what Greg is doing today but I like to think he ended up in game design.)

At 6 AM, as dawn rose over Ren's house, the six of us each threw our d20 stash into the trash barrel, headed off to Dunkin' Donuts, and re-convened at Wakefield's legendary Web Head Enterprises comic book store and geek-stuff emporium when it opened later that morning to buy some new dice. Greg worked there. He comped us. We later got through his adventure, our luck restored, the gods placated.

21 years later, and I think four of us have told that story on Facebook as a "Throwback Thursday". It's not Thursday and this isn't Facebook, but it seemed a good place to share it with strangers on the Internet. Hope you enjoyed it.