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Rounding Up (Free) Indie Gems

Illustration for article titled Rounding Up (Free) Indie Gems

If you've got some time this afternoon, the Escapist has a nice answer to holiday excess — several pages of free indie gems you probably haven't heard of.


Covering a pretty wide variety of games in its four pages, the article has something for everyone — and besides, it's all free:

Your credit cards, maxed out from purchasing thoughtful gifts for a multitude of loved ones, may be worthless, but take solace in the fact there are many wholesome indie gaming gems beckoning for your attention. These wondrous attractions are accessible to neophytes and masters alike, all for the lovely price of completely free. Come! Let us lose ourselves in the swirling vortex of indie freeware bliss. Grab your mouse and follow me.


Some of these will be familiar, but plenty may be 'new' titles — or at least, new to you. Worth a quick looksee if you're tiring of capitalist holiday excess.

The (Free) Spirit of Christmas [The Escapist]

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I'm sorry, but like most lists on 'major' that's an awful list.

Here.. You want good games?