Rooster Teeth Launches Card Game Kickstarter, Hits Goal In Two Minutes

Illustration for article titled iRooster Teeth/i Launches Card Game Kickstarter, Hits Goal In Two Minutes

The comedy team at Rooster Teeth have decided to make a card game based on their Million Dollars, But... series of web videos. It’s current Kickstarter suggests it’s going to make a lot more than that.


Million Dollars, But... was looking for $10,000 in funding. It hit that in just two minutes, and only a few hours later (at time of posting) stands at $480,000.

The ad’s a bit...much, but the Kickstarter page has more info on the actual game, which basically presents you with a range of wrong shit, and asks whether you’d do it for a million bucks or not.


It’s a lot like Cards Against Humanity, then, and as a game it seems just as prone to people to just lying and drinking their way to victory, point/rules of the game be damned (is anyone really going to test you on that top one by sticking their finger up your ass?. But nobody seems to really mind that when the drinks are flowing and CaH comes out, so they probably won’t for this, either.

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What the crap are they going to do with 480k for a card game that only needed 10k.