Room 4 Rent (No Zombies!)

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Reader Adam needs a roommate "pretty badly". To help him find one, though, he didn't just post a regular old "roommate wanted" advertisement. Oh no. He put in some effort.


Behold, then, the Room 4 Rent. Sounds cozy! Especially if you hunger for the flesh of the living! But as Adam explains:

We're a pretty laid back group of individuals, but there's one aspect we won't compromise on: absolutely no zombies.



I don't care if you're only 1/16th zombie on your mother's side, you won't be stepping foot inside my safehouse.

Slightly discriminatory, perhaps, but then, that means if you're anything but a zombie, you should fit the bill.

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This is just another example of the oppression us zombies have been stuck with for generations. I'm 1/4 zombie from my father's mother's side, and the discrimination I deal with on a day to day basis is something that needs to be brought to light. The media refuses to run any of our stories, as "...Zombie rights is a topic that may generate unwanted tension in the people of America." (reply from Newsweek)

All we zombies ask isn't much, just the same rights that other minorities have been provided. A driver's license, owning property, and the right to vote. We don't need abundant college funds giving handouts, or any sort of affirmative action to provide us jobs, but basic rights is something every human - alive, dead, and undead - should be able to enjoy.