Rolling Stone Movie Critic Calls GTAIV "Best Popcorn Movie"

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Some movie critics hate video games so hard. They fart in their general direction! But Rolling Stone magazine movie critic Peter Travers? He seems to like them! Disappointed at the recent spate of crap Hollywood summer popcorn movies, Travers writes:

Time to go interactive. That's right, me the movie critic is actually telling you to switch to video games until Hollywood makes more exciting movies... [Grand Theft Auto IV is] a hell of a game (maybe not the Citizen Kane of the form, like many game reviews claim), and in terms of action, thrills, imagination and innovation, GTA IV has it all over the pablum currently passing for ingenuity at the multiplex... And let's keep my game skills out of this as well. This is a review of Grand Theft Auto IV the M-O-V-I-E. And I have to say, it's better than anything I've seen at the multiplex so far this summer, except maybe Iron Man. There's plot development, character depth and moral ambiguity, stuff you don't find in Speed Racer... It's a rare video game that enters territory marked by Scorsese and Tarantino. But writers Dan Houser and Rupert Humphries have created the vid version of film noir with dialogue that crackles even in the film's darkest shadows. And they take every shot they can at social satire.

That's some big time movie critic praise! Nice to see that Travers is open to other (more interactive) forms of story telling.

Is Grand Theft Auto IV Actually the Best Popcorn Movie of the Summer? [Rolling Stone via The Chaos Fold]

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I've yet to see any of this character development or moral ambiguity in the game. I've seen what the game *wants* me to think is character development and moral ambiguity, but intent and reality are two different things.

The writing in GTAIV flat sucks. Peter Travers is on crack.