Rolando Being Pulled From App Store [Update]

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Rolando is, at the moment anyways, the perfect example of how to do an iPhone game right. Anyone who hasn't yet sampled its delights may want to hurry, though, as the game's about to be yanked from the App Store.


With the game's sequel Rolando 2 due out this week (July 1), publishers Ngmoco want all eyes focused squarely on the new guy, telling Touch Arcade:

Basically, we want the spotlight on Rolando 2 when it hits the App Store. We're not discontinuing support for Rolando, we're just discontinuing sales. And Rolando may return to the App Store in the future, but if and when it does we'll want to include Plus+ support for it.


It's not a travesty, since the sequel will probably just be "more of the same, only better", but those wanting in on the series' ground floor, know you only have a few days left to pick up the original.

UPDATE - Ngmoco have since issued a statement, which reads "You've roared and we've listened. Rolando will stay put on the App Store."

'Rolando 2' Coming on July 1st, Original 'Rolando' to Be Discontinued? [Updated with Clarification] [Touch Arcade]

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what. WELL WHAT IF I WANT TO BUY ROLANDO 1? I guess they don't give a fart!